MacAddict Magazine

June 2002 - Page 63


Booya! Got one of my screenies printed! Here's some extra blurb on what's going on in the pict...


In a custom map for the game Quake 3 Arena (I don't remember the map name) there was a respawn point a full character height above ground. Cheat mode on and the bots paused with "/bot_pause 1" then added about 20 bots. Turned off bot_pause and let 'em spawn. As each one spawned it killed the previously spawned bot and its body fell to the ground. The dead bot then fell back in the que to respawn. Note that giblets were turned off so the full bodies would fall instead of explode into a bunch of giblets. Eventually the body-stay time would slowly get rid of bodies.


Below is the actual submitted image. Notice the "So-n-so' tried to invade so-n-so's personal space" in the upper left of the image. This goes on until you stop it. That's a big pile of dead bots there bub.

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