Published Xbox Magazine - Holiday 2007 Issue - Page 14

Original posting on the forums.

"My wife likes to watch me play certain games. She'll play Xbox sometimes, but when it comes to shooters, it's all me. We both really got into BioShock - it was funny early on in the game when Splicers would jump from around a corner and attack, my wife would nearly jump out of her seat. (They game me goosebumps, too. I like games that spook me like that.) But what really got her was the good ending, earned by saving all the Little Sisters. After the cinematic ended, I looked at my wife and she had tears in her eyes. Literally crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "It's about family." I've never seen any game touch anyone, let alone my wife, like that before.

This is something Halo would be hard-pressed to do on that level only because we "know" the ending. You're a space maring and you'll save the planet/universe/humankind. Don't get me wrong - I love the Halo series, but BioShock has raised the bar for gameplay Immersion.

- Diego Knyte"

Xbox Mag says...

Well, that settles it. The hypothetical question "Can a game make you cry?" now has an answer.

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