This is my 1989 Chevy Cavalier. All stock except the fresh paint. It was painted with Avus Silver which is from an Audi RS-6. The door and trunk jambs were also painted.


Many Chevy's around this year had a terrible problem with the paint fading and peeling. I've heard a couple of stroies regarding why this was from they used a partial water based paint to they'd primer the cars then let 'em sit in the sun before painting. Whichever it was, many portions of the car were sanded down to metal and undercoating. I wanted minimal to no chance of the new paint from screwing up over the years.


Allas, I didn't take any picts of the before or it's bodywork progress. Minimal bondo was laid as the body was is in great shape otherwise. A new windshield was installed during the painting process.


The interier parts are being replaced from the original fugly grey to black. A new carpet and and re-fabbed headliner installed. it's becomming quite a project and I'm pleased with how it came out.

The custom grill below took about 6 hours to make. The first picture shows the original part with the two center vent parts in place. I wanted a slightly custom grill by removing the two center portions and the original Bowtie. One problem with just removing them was the entire backside of the grill is hollow from the molded plastic. That and the ugly accent groove that runs around the openings. These had to be filled in with epoxy and smoothed out.


After filling it the backing and the front side grooves, it was topped off with a black mesh background and the crooked bowtie. The last picture shows the final grill painted and in place.

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