This is some samples of my Graphics work. Some was used, some were suggestions.

ZETRON: This was a cup logo we came up with for their 20th anniversary. The produced about 1000 of these for internal distribution within the company.

RR COINS: A logo we designed for Redmond Rare Coins. Pending usage.

M. HANSON: An eatly photoshop image for fun. Marilyn Manson fronts for Hanson.

STARBUCKS: A collection of images that were made during my employment at Starbucks Coffee.

OISHI ZEBRA: Years ago, my friend needed a photo of his craft touched up. Here it is.

ELOISE J.: A restored photo of my grandmother. Dated about 1930 and heavily damaged.

G. P. Allen: A resotred old picture of a clients' relative. Heavily damaged, it came out pretty good.

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