This is a report that myself and three other classmates created to complete our 3rd Quarter requirements at ITT tech. Our teacher, Ms. Burns was way cool and was loads of fun. She did much for us in helping things come together. Thanks Ms. Burns!

Anyway, the report itself was a conceptual proposal for Judicial Reform set in the distant future. The year is 2249, intergalactic crime is at an all time high. With many planets' private prison facilities growing in populace at an exponential rate. A quick, efficient and reliable solution is what is at hand!

You may notice many non-linear associations. We dubbed Ms. Burns as the Meritorious Sovereign of the Symbiotry of Peacefull Beings and used her as the individual to white to. The Symbiotry of Peacefull Beings was from a game called Burried In Time. In the game, they were an interplanetary association that helped keep harmony throughout the galaxy. We used it here because it sounded pretty catchy for the topic at hand.

We did our best to put a ballance of seriousness and comical lunacy but still maintain a professional appearance. We got an A+ for the report.

There are a couple of graphics I did that went along with this report. This first is a simple pie chart. The second is a double sided folding brochure that was to "advertise" the contents of our solution of the "problem."

None of this project may be duplicated in any way without expressed permission, either written or via email from the lead Author.

Let's begin...

Proposal for Judicial Reform for the Planetary Prison Facilities of the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings

Prepared for: Ms. Burns, the Meritorious Sovereign of the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings

Prepared by: GeneX and Zang Inductries


  • David Harr
  • Jamie Garza
  • Dan Warren
  • John Guadiz



Disclaimer -- [i]

Abstract -- [1]

Purpose -- [2]

Problems -- [3]

Crime Rate
Genetic Impurities

Solution -- [4]

Benefits -- [5]

Crime Rate
Genetic Impurities

Conclusion -- [6]

Major Concerns

Works Sited -- [7]

Graph -- [8]

Informative Brochure -- [9]


No part of this proposal may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic of mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, except by a reviewer who may quote passages in a review.

The characters and events in this proposal are fictitious. Any similarities of actual persons, living or dead, or events past or present are purely coincidental and are not intended are only products of the authors' imanination. Certain copyrights may apply where applicable.

This proposal has been translated from Mlpthk [toung-click] Svrt, the official langualg of the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings, to the ancient archaic language English. Therefore, any grammatical errors are the cause of this document having been translated from a language that consists of typographical characters compounded with the unuse of the English language. I'm sure that the reviewer of this document will understand fully. And as one would say in Mlpthk [toung-click] Svrt, "ffosukramtnodesaelp."


Each per annum, hundreds of thousands of criminal malefactors are confined to their cells for such vicous crines as murder, assault and robbery. These ruthless miscreants are only victims of a genetic sickness, the Diablerie Gene. Facilities of each planet exhausts $314,159,263,359 New Yen Lucre's (NīL) per annum for these criminals. We must be able to put these individuals into productive usage somehow, and we have the answer.

This proposal is to enact legislation to send volunteer malefactors to the planet LV-426, fitted with emotional and neural implants. We would also remove the Diablerie Gene from all those who colunteer. They would work on this planets' habitat and make it profitable.

Not only would these hardened criminals be put to good use, they would earn a substantial ammount of NīL's for planetary penal facilities of each planet as well as for themselves. Furthermore, the penal facility could utilize the newly open space and a portion of the NīL's are to remove the Diablerie Gene from the malefactors so that they may agaom safely occupy our planets. Lastly, by taking in these miscreants, we would be able to reap the profits that the planets hold.

[2] PURPOSE...

This proposal is to encourage the legislation to the Symbiotry of Peacefull Beings a civil and criminal civilian judicial system reform. Our goal here as Zang Industries is to provide an alternative to isolated planetary penal facilities by re-educating and relocating the undesirable offenders.


1) Costs

The per annum expenditure to detain one serious civil incompliant malefactor in our domicile of corrections intergral aggregates to the sum of $314,159,263,359 NīL which is the per annym income of a average family with 3.39 children. The cost of detaining a single malefactor is rising at a fate of 15% per annum. At this alarming rate of increase the yearly costs will bouble every five years.

2) Populace

The populace of the current planetary penal system is 271,828,182,846 and is growing at a rate of 10% per annum. At this shocking rate of increase, the penal system populace will double every seven years. Because of this accumulation in prisoner populace, more planetary penal facilities will need to be built to accomodate this increase.

3) Crime Rate

Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings studies show that 48.429% of prior prisoners re-offend. The current crime rate is at an all time high at 84.684% and is asing at a rate of 3.641% per annum. Murder is the number one crime and makes up 1/3rd of all crimes committed. Assault is the second most committed crime and makes up 1/5th of all crimes committed. The third most common crime is robbery and makes up 1/8th of the total crime rate. All other crimes make up the remaining 1/3rd of the crime rate. Prior prisoners re-offending cause one half of the total crime rate.

4) Genetic Impurities

A recent scientific breakthrough has linked crime and violent behavior to the Diablerie Gene. This gene is the cause of all criminal behavior. If this gene isn't repaired for the malefactors then future generations could become infected by this genetic impurity that has been handed down throuhg the generations. Because this is a genetic defect, the problem cannot be eliminated though rehabilitation and mental treatments that have been tried in the past and have failed.


We here at Zang industries have the solution that the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings need. We can take all of your social undesirables that have volunteered for this project and relocate them to our Zetadron Galaxy outpost LV-426. There they will terraform and do various sorts of work to make the habitation of the planet profitable. In conglomeration with the Wheyland-Yutani Corporation, this planet has been fitted with a brand new Class A Planetary Atmospheric Fusion Processor with Anti-splash guard. Here the new inter-planetary implanted populace will mine for minerals and cultivate agricultural projects. All this for the benefit of the universe.

To ensure the faithfulness and cooperation of the inter-planetary implanted populace, all citizens of LV-426 will be fitted with the latest in neural-emotional implants. These implants, once installed, will keep the citizens in check and aide in their productivity. GeneX Corporation will be supplying the implants. These artificial behavioral modifiers are 101% reliable because they completely restructure the users synoptic neural net.


1) Costs

To counteract the advancing coses per annum for each civil incompliant malefactor's incarceration by traditional means, each Planetary Penal Facility would receive money in proportion to the prisoners' that colunteer from each penal facility.
In detail, this is how we will accomplish this. Each citizen will be an ambassador and representative for their respective penal facility. When the citizen is profitable and causes income to Zang Industries then 55% of all profits is given to the Symbiotry. From there, the Symbiotry devids a percentage of that money among various palnetary penal facilities.

2) Populace

On LV-426, we currently could accommodate 1/10th of the total pletary penal system populace. There are 12 other profitable planets in the Zetadron Galaxy where LV-426 is located. Due to the on-going terraforming and construction of living facilities, more populace will be able to be accommodated in the future. Preparation of the other profitable planets for cultivation is in progress. After the other planets are prepared for cultivation, we would be able to accommodate more colunteers. This would allow the Planetary Penal System to reduce the number of facilities, while also solving the populace dilemma.

3) Crime Rate

There would hypothetically be no re-offenders because the genetic impurities would have been repaired in all convicts. Since 48.429% of the current crime rate is committed by re-offenders, as fore mensioned, then the crime rate will drop by approximately half. Also since all those that commit crimes will have their genetic impuritiws repaird, the percentage of the total populace that have the crime causing genetic impurity will start to decline. We foresee that the crime rate will also start to drop until is dissappears all together.

4) Genetic Impurities

Over generations of prone criminal offspring, siblings have been found to carry inherited Diablerie Genes. When the said underirables are convicted of a crime, their genetic structure is tested for impurities such as this one. If found, it is fixed so that any offspring are born the impurity will have been stopped. The undesirable genetic trait will have been eliminated from their strain.
This is done by taking a sample of their DNA structure and processing it throught the BFC-9000. This neural processor net siphons the DNA to isolate the Diablerie substrata precurson. This precursor, when 3-Decoded, gives the exact location of the foible so the modifier enzymes can me encoded. This process is necessary to find the gene because of the erraticism of its location within the DNA structure. This procedure is necessary and mandatory for all malefactors currently, and in the process of becoming, an inmate of the Planetary Penal System.


1) Major Concerns

We are very confident that this venture will prove successful. There are some matters of minro concern. We feel that we will be able to fully solve these problems in a prompt manner.
The Atmospheric Processors have never been a serious problem for us, but we have read third-party reports of the atmosphere that was created being unstable when first produced. This is not a re-occurring problem and usually fixes itself. But on one occasion this situation has resulted in a total decompression and loss of all atmosphere.
Our genetic equipment and team are the best in the industry (heck, Zang is the industry.) But even we have limitations. The process of isolating and removing the Diablerie Gene had since been refined from what is once was. There is only one known side effect, genetic mutations. These seem to be a prevalent problem in all genetic experiments. But we have reviewed our process and have made some improvements. Now Mutations have a rate of 1:500,000 alterations.

2) Recommendations

We feel that these problems will not prove a threat to our projects. These concerns are rare and, with some preparation, could be avoided.
The planets where the atmosphere was lost were in a very expeditious Ra Zephyr-Rodomontade, or solar wind, that we believe was the cause of the loss of atmosphere. Since these winds are not prevalent in the Zetadron Galaxy, we feel that there is no need to be concerned.
We have also discovered that most of the mutations that occur are caused by a faulty gene that became active when the Diablerie Gene was repaired. Now that we are confident that we know the problem, we can set in motion measures to fix it. We feel that we can repair this other faulty gene when we repair the Diablerie Gene. We will begin investigating into this new procedure so that the problem will be solved as promptly as possible.


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[8] GRAPH...



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