Built with a Macintosh Color Classic chassie, it uses a Power Mac 6500 motherboard with a 300Mhz SonnetTech G3 L2 upgrade card. The screen resolution is modified to VGA 640x480. It took about 2 weeks to perform the mod.


Currently I use this Mac for iTunes and watching TV when I'm on my main Mac.


If you are interested in upgrading your own Color Classic, a great place to start is Stuart Bell's World of the Power Colour Classic website here.

PowerMac 6500/250 603ev with Mac OS 9.1
SonnetTech L2 300Mhz G3 with 1MB L2 cache
128 MB RAM - 2x 64 MB 168 pin EDO DIMMS
16 Gig internal ATA/IDE and 1.44 Superdrive
640x480 @ 60Hz VGA plus S-Video & Composite out.
Radeon 7000 Mac Edition 32MB
3port generic USB 1.1 card.
Cable TV in, S-Video in, Composite in and RCA in.
16 bit stereo mini-jack and headphone jack.
One Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port.
Two serial ports for Modem and Printer.
Rear SCSI DB-25 connector for up to 7 devices.
Apple 10baseT Comm Slot II card.
Apple TV tuner Infrared remote control.
Stock cooling fan upgraded to a higher CFM rating.
One 5V/12V/1A power supply dedicated to the hard drive.
One 5V/3A power supply to share analog board load.
Two 3.3V regulators in parallel to power PCI bus.
The internal '630' connector is SCSI terminated.
Front panel Contrast and Volume push-buttons work.
Blue LED power indicator.
Two custom plastic air vents and extra fans to cool this puppy.
Rear case was modified so mobo assembly fits flush with case.
PM6500 Infrared light pipe replaces stock Color Classic microphone.
Complete motherboard assembly is removable.

Some modification to the TV tuner card was in order for the fit that I wanted. See how the receicer box was desoldered and is now positioned 90deg to the PCB. The extensions were needed so it would provice reach to the rear panel.

Inside of the CC with the motherboard removed. You can see how the extension protrudes towards the rear of the opening. You can also see the extra power supply added in the upper left and behind the abstructed-from-view floppy drive.

This is the rear panel with the motherboard and back panel installed. Shown with ATI Radeon 7000 in one PCI slot and a 10/100 Ethernet in slot 2. Note the Cable TV adapter on the upper right thru the backing plate. The cable in is secured by a nut and washer.

This is a pict of the TCC used to play on my older Xbox thru the A/V inputs.


Gameplay on this thing was super grainy because of the 640x480 display. But it was still cool "because I could."


This is a pict only, no link.

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