So, I picked up a cool stealthy black wireless controller for my gaming. Nice gadget but how could I do a simple tweek to make it unique? Hmm, I have a white controller and a black one. Switch some parts around!

Tools needed...

> T-9 torx Security/Tamper proof bit (skinny 1in shank)
> Drill with an approx. 1/4 bit.
> Quick setting epoxy.

The goal was to swap out the 4 trigger buttons, Start/Back buttons and the connect button. Below are basic instructions on doing this thing.

Note that you will be voiding the warranty on the controller!

These are the 2 wireless controllers.

After removing the 7 T-9 tamperproof screws (one is under the barcode below the battery.) remove the circuit board and the LB/BR button plastics. This just popped off the bezel.

Now the CONNECT button. This is optional. It's help in place by a moulded plastic rivet. Drill off the head (about 1/16" or less deep) and gently pry it off.

Here's the black one with the CONNECT button removed.

Install the White pieces onto the black pieces. Put a drop of epoxy on the plastic post you drilled off and affix the CONNECT button. Let it harden.

Now swap the START and BACK buttons from the controllers.

Install the circuit board from the other respective controllers. Then reaffix the bottom cover. Take care of the metal battery tangs. The bottom case has groves these go into. Slide these in place first, then dpress the left and right triggers to slide the case together.

After reinstalling the torx screws, you're all set! Nifty dude!!!

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