This is an alternate Street Race re-spawn exploit for Crackdown. The First method is at the start of a race, immediately go to the Agency building, grab the Agency Super Car, take it back to the start line and restart your race. Take out the baddies with your built-in guns and just before you finish the race, hop out and walk across the finish line. The Agency Super Car will be there when you start the next race.


Strange 'glitch'(?) but usable nonetheless. But what about completely blocking their path to stop the AI cars from advancing so you can take them out of the race? The problem is most map items will disappear and re-spawn to their original locations when you either get too far from them or restart the race.


Found are 2 containers what will stay put where you leave them, like the Agency Super Car, unless you quit to the Crackdown Main Menu. They are located in Volk at the Natalya Gryzunova Boss (same place as the Observatory Globe). I tried with a bunch of different containers at the Volk shipyard but they would re-spawn. Weird.


The printed guide below is kind of long so what better way to illustrate it but with a video. The vid illustrates the 6 hardest cars for each of the 6 tracks using the container barricade method.


So you're going to brave the guide? Cool. To get started, there are some pre-notes about the container method...


-> If a container goes into the water, you're out of luck. It won't re-spawn. You'll have to quit to the main menu to get them both back. They will be back at the Globe.


-> When moving 2 containers at once, carry one then jump-throw it over the other. As that one is flying, grab the next and repeat. It saves a bunch of time. There may be some spots that can't be done because of height restrictions.


-> Containers falling from too high will KILL you. You'll have to restart the race BUT the containers will be where you died.


-> Generally, the containers will be placed lengthwise next to each other. You'll need to add support behind them, especially for the faster cars because there is a certain amount of physics. Use rocks, yellow dumpsters, other cars and red arrow barricades. How much of each depends on what cars are hitting them and how fast they are going upon impact.


-> Use Drop Item (B) instead of Throw Item (RT) unless you are moving containers long distances. For a longer or higher throw, look up while jump-throwing.


-> Again, do NOT get them into water OR go back to the Main Menu (unless it's time to for The Den race).


-> When doing the next vehicle on a track, reset the containers before you finish the race. Makes for easier setup for the next harder car.


-> When getting ready to move the containers to their next track location restart the track after you get all 6. An exception to this is The Den and after the Pacific Tour. Additionally choose the first car for that track. They go slower and don't hurt as much if they run into you.


-> Pretty much you can use identical container setup for every car of each relative track. Some cars, like the Dune Buggy, like to climb walls. For them you can try to hang behind the containers a bit to take out the stragglers that get by.


-> If you are too far away from your containers, the IA cars will go thru as if they are not there. Sometimes this can be to your advantage if you're concentrating on setting up your barricade. Additionally, if they are all blocked by it. Take them out. If you start to go thru your markers and leave them there, they will become unblocked when you get too far from your blockade.


-> When setting up for the next race/track. Don't bother with supporting the containers just yet. Everything you put there for container support will be reset when you launch the next race.


-> When placing items behind containers for support, try to get them to drop butted right up against them. They might move a tad, but they'll move more if you drop them short and try to kick the item into the container. You'll get the hang of it.


This container method will probably take longer to complete the Achievement than it would with the Agency Super Car exploit, but it's fun messing the the AI's and blowing stuff up. Below is a walkthrough if you choose this path. They are in an order for minimal transport of these 2 containers. You can choose any race and any car from the menu in any order.


The races are outlined in the same order as they are in the video. Pacific Tour, Hope Springs, Green Bay, La Murgre, Unity Heights and finally The Den.


Standard disclaimer: Sometimes something gets lost in translation. Observe how the cars go through your barricade. If they get thru a lot, adjust as necessary.


When the race starts, turn around and go to the billboard on your right before the bridge. Scale the mountain and you'll be at the building with the globe. Grab them containers and throw them to the freeway you were on down below. Carry them all the way past the start line and to the courtyard walkway bridge. Block the road at the bridge, the tops won't fit thru. Put a yellow dumpster to the left and right of them, then kick a third dumpster under the walkway to support the middle of the 2 containers. Throw one red and white barricade under the walkway supporting the dumpsters.


Come out to the face of your barricade and kick some of the red arrow blockers into the street for giggles and grins. Chill until the cars start coming and take 'em out. Do this for all the vehicles for this track.


During the last lap of last car, backtrack the containers west about a block. Go past the billboards and throw them across the street in front of the store called Department X. This is the track for Hope Springs. Load up the next race track.


Turn around or follow the cars towards your barricade. Hold back and watch the red dots on your radar to make sure they pass the containers. When you get there, support the backs with yellow dumpsters. When they get there, do your thing. Same-Same with all the cars.


This time, finish the race then just start a new one on this track. Get back to the containers and carry them back towards the start line of the first track Pacific Tour. When you reach the freeway overpass before the aforementioned start line, throw the containers up to the freeway. This freeway goes to Los Muertos. You'll be taking them to the carnival access road entrance.


Plop them at said road entrance. You'll be facing the fun-house. This road has the start line for Green Bay just after the access road bends right. Load up the Green Bay race track when you're ready.


Hop out of your car at race start. Immediately to your left is a yellow dumpster. Grab it and support your containers. There are 2 more like dumpsters around there. Plenty of time to grab 'em. Throw some red arrow barricades for added support if you wish. Again, hang out in front of your barricade and take out the cars.


After finishing the last car, restart the track, grab the containers and go North. When you get to the freeway, kick them under to the the small set of stairs to the right. When you can pick the containers up again, throw them up to the freeway. Take them North to Volk. This is probably the longest travel distance.


At the end of the bridge are 2 tunnels. You'll have to kick the containers through both of them. At the end of the second tunnel look over the bridge to your right. You'll see a bend in the road and a truck plus some construction barricades. Throw the containers down there and set them up across the road.


Now start up the next track La Murgre.


At race start, turn around at get to your containers. They're not far. Grab the truck there and support the center of the containers. Grab some boulders (there's 3 right at the turn) and support the containers. You may need to use 1 boulder to block a gap from the mountain wall.


Camp at the corner looking down the oncoming straightaway and target cars as they approach. Take out the rest when they hit your barricade.


After the last race, reload this track and carry your containers South then West. Watch out for the speeding cars. You'll come to a upward dirt road to your left that slopes up to a freeway with a bridge to your left. Take them up there and throw them to the freeway. Hang a right towards another tunnel. You can carry the containers through these one at a time.


You'll then be crossing the bridge to Shai-Gen for the Unity Heights track. When you're across the bridge, turn right (you'll see a ramp truck on the corner). Follow the road up a few long blocks until the track turns sharply right at small bridge. You'll see the start line for Unity Heights after this small bridge. Place the containers across the bridge entrance spires farthest from the start line. Load up Unity Heights.


Hop out of your car and pick it up. Drop your car across the back middle of the containers for support. Now grab a bunch of red arrow barricades (about 6 furthest from your containers) and drop them behind them for support. Sit tight at the corner looking down the straightaway and take 'em out at they come.


Repeat as necessary. If your car gets blown up, no problem. There's some vehicles parked around.


Now that you've 'won' all those races, return to the main menu and go into The Den Street Race.


At the start of the race, 180 and go to the first turn which goes right. Hop out of your car and scale the mountain to the right of the gated doorway to your left. You'll see the 2 brown containers stacked to the left of the building. Kick them away and carry them between the trees to your right (assuming you have turned around) and throw them to the road below. Set them up across the road then restart the race.


When the next race starts, go back to where you set up the containers and prop 3 boulders behind them for support. Use your car too if you like but it might get damaged. Hop to the facing side of the containers and take out the AI's as you will targeting their tires and gas tanks. Or wait for them to all pile up at the containers and take them all out. One or 2 gas tank hits should be all it takes. If any get past your barricade, no biggie. Just wait until they come back around the track.


When you are the only racer left, do your 3 laps. When you're on your third lap and pass the containers before the finish line, hop out and reset them across the road. Finish the race, select the next car, rinse and repeat. The containers will be where you left them. Continue until you beat the last vehicle for this race track.

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