This is a grouping of my Xbox related fanboy projects and stuff.

XBOT: Published in the XBOX Magazine in March 2007. This is an automaton that played an XBOX 360 video game for me while I slept and went to work.

CRACKDOWN: A video guide for the expansion pack street races of the original Crackdown game.

DEAD SPACE: A tutorial for a glitch in Dead Space for obtaining extra in-game money and items. in progress

TENCHU Z: A printable checklist for the Tomikichi dudes in Tenchu Z.

FACEPLATE: A custom Xbox 360 faceplate guide. Made with a cool rattle-can color and splatter paint. Trippy dude.

X-SWEATER: An Xbox 360 themed infant/child sweater my wife made. It was auctioned off for charity at Microsoft.

xFIRE MOD: A little mod that made pressing the A button faster than humanly possible. My first controller mod.

WIRELESS: Took 2 wireless controllers, one black and the other white. Swapped parts between 'em.

GAME HELP SUB SECTIONS: These are personal links to helper info for Xbox games I've played. needs updating

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