If you're going for the Killed 50 Tomikichi Achievement, here's a handy-dandy printable list for you. I was trolling the forums when I got the game and someone suggested that you get the Tomikichi guys the first time around to get it over with. There's 1 Tomikichi Swordsman per level. They wear the wide straw hats like the pict at left.


The images are from the YouTube video by xxxScorpion. showing where all 50 are across the 50 levels of the game. His video states it's for the Medium difficulty setting. I was wanting a printable version so I don't have to toggle back and forth to the video. My work is now available for your consumption.


Please check out his video here! It shows where on the map and a quick snapshot of where on the map he is. Mine is map only. Works for all skill levels.

Printable Tomikichi 1-50 list here

Below is a link to a printable Achievement list that'll fit to a single page. This was compiled from the original pinned list by Don Corleone 72 from the forums. His thread includes a more detailed description on the Achievements plus handy links to other resources for the game. To check out his work click [LINK DEAD].


Tenchu Z Achievement List here

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